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to get the city at least in his words back on track. mayor emanuel says he will not taxed shoppers homeowners or driver in order to pay for the state pension problems he is turning to springfield for relief and so far he has received a non and until he does he makes it clear he doesn't want the people of chicago to choose between pension payments or public health or public safety, something has to change. >> our goal is reform where we can, caught where we must invest where it matters. >>cut where we must and invest where it matters. >> the damage is $1.2 billion in underfunded pensions, a number that will come to fruition if nothing changes and it will happen in a matter of four years. what we really need most is our representatives in springfield to step up, take their share of responsibility and not miss this critical opportunity once again. it's gotten worse over time by the city council not making it a priority for the last several years. chicago is facing a 25% increase in homicides compared to this same time last year. some say our streets need more human power and we ne
jersey near atlantic city so far five deaths have been confirmed and there are power outages to 2 million people. we are hearing the subway system is flooded already in new york? >> yes we are hearing reports of that and that was very much expected that's why it was shut down beginning as early as last night around 7:00, that is all of the subway lines the ones that we're hearing are flooded run along the east river is all under zone and a people had to clear out because they are low lying and prone to flooding. the stock exchange is reportedly also underwater is it possible that the salt water could do some unusual damage? >> i'm sorry you were breaking up. >> the salt water in the subway might it do some additional damage that you heard about? >> we had heard reports of that that's something they discussed yesterday as a possibility they cannot assess that until the aftermath of the storm passes and maybe some of the water recedes. >> and the other news about the crane that was falling in manhattan? >> it is still very much today glenn, it is weighing the good news is it hasn't c
with droppings and molt a court order allows the city to collect friday if they're not removed. i think the thing with me is that i am so sorry when i have done to my neighbors because it's been a circus and this is a good neighborhood they're good people a remorseful apologizing to his neighbors admitting that his true two-story town home has been taken over by birds and is now becoming a public nuisance. >> i'm no longer going to be a quarter and i just want to do what's right. he volunteers with the greater chicago caged bird club delivering cages to his home at 247 shady brook lane the 57 year-old computer repairman says he is concerned about the swelling city of zero aurora price tag for removing the estimated 300 birds not to mention the cleanup. can you imagine what the bill is going to be to clean up the house? it's probably going to be more than the house is worth. >> its security breach at 63 barnes and noble stores around the country including in chicago device's use swipe through europe debit or credit cards in the store have been tampered with their called penn pads and have been b
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- runners often finish with some of their the bank of america thousands of volunteers and city workers. "i think this is the best we've been prepared in the history of the event, we have 13k.. this weekend and race day" with all age groups and skill levels well represented, a full medical staff will be ready to respond immediately if someone goes down. "we have a record number of volunteers... il medical response team.. true great effort by the city of chicago" among the 45,000 participants tomorrow - 13 members of the achilles freedom team of wounded vets - most of whom lost limbs while fighting in iraq or afghanistan. as part of their rehabilitation, they meet up in cities around the country to compete. "we're all injured around the same time... overcome obstacles together... that's.. push each other along" this afternoon, they were treated to a vip reception at the willis tower sky deck along with many of their friends and family members. team members say they are excited to continue their tradition. "it's really big to me to continue the tradition paving.. we're happy to be in chic
in the morning. stop in what could have been another terror attack on new york city. fbi sting napped a 21 year-old man accused of trying to blow up a landmark bank, the bangladesh native targeted the federal reserve bank of new york they had him under surveillance and gave him fake explosives and when he used his cell phone to try to blow up the 1,000 lb. bomb he was arrested. we are still very much a coveted target by terrorists, new york is the top of the terror target list in this country and i think that just reaffirms that. the suspect was there blaming the study on a college in missouri. two debates down, one to go monday. the candidates are pressing their debate points on the campaign trail after their town hall house last night romney telling voters in the swing state of virginia that he is qualified to handle women's chief concerns because of his business experience. acutepresident obama quoting women voters he said he has always supported equal pay for equal work in for a pink breast cancer bracelet today and were that his election night will take indoors at mccormick place. we spoke
a mutual agreement with city hall for him to leave. within city hall this rumor has been swirling for weeks that brizard might be out. are you going to keep impasse school ceo? apparently that was not the case. in the meantime the father of the 19 year-old nearly broke down in tears as his son faced terrorism charges, he pled not guilty that he tried to bomb a bar, he appeared in federal court today agents say the young man from hillside was behind a plot that could have killed hundreds of people accused of planting the bomb cals bar located on the is the corners. the defense says he was set up and his dad said he was a good kid. this bombing was the idea of the government. he seemed to be in good spirits even joking with the judge and if convicted he could get life in prison. there is a new poll from the chicago tribune and wgn that shows his job approval rating is right now very low statewide only 26 percent of registered voters approve of the job he's doing. 22 percent said they did have an opinion his strongest support comes from chicago voters into african- americans but even
. one of the city's biggest buyers in years destroyed a warehouse >> 82 fire trucks swarmed the warehouse... after a massive fire broke out after 130 sunday morning >> the blaze quickly escalated. it prompted a hazardous material response. >> she cannot believe what she was seeing >> it started in the neighboring building... and then spread to the warehouse. all three buildings burned for more than eight hours >> no firefighters were injured . they said the structure will lead to come down need to come down. >> crews will remain on the scene to monitor. city officials say the building will lead to be demolished >> an argument on the south side ended in a shooting leaving one man dead and another injured. this weekend's violence brought chicagos murder rate to a new high >> more than 400 homicides in chicago so far. >> locked in a grief-filled embrace.. detectives comb for clues workers wash blood from the sidewalk. this scene, playing out today in bridgeport.. is a familiar one. more than 400 homicides in chicago in 2012... with still 3 months to go. all of a sudden,
on alert tonight a crew of armed robbers have been coming into the back side of the city. tuesday night's last week around 8:00 p.m. five men armed with handguns and a crowd at lincoln park store they were heavily hooded and it was a very warm night so i was immediately suspicious and before i even had time to react they were both at the customer service department one of them brandished a firearms and ask me to open the door. one of the robbers had a gun pointed at him the whole time and he said the steve spread out and they worked quickly they were only there for two-three minutes. there was another one on the floor grabbing cards of cigarettes and bottles of liquor. two of the thieves robbed the cash register up front and another one from the customer service area. the store is one of eight businesses that have been robbed in recent weeks throughout the north side between the hours of 6 and 11:00 p.m. security cameras captured images of the suspects they worked in groups of two-five robbing stores and in some cases employees taking cellphone. >> do what they want, we have to conside
implications, the plan that will have police responding to all lot fewer 911 calls and the city hall says it's a good thing. >> we are live at the 911 center with that story. this story began some months ago with a big surge in overtime, a major sign of inefficiency the department says that it's taking care of now. >> my daughter doesn't want to school that type of stuff. >> police said you wouldn't believe the kind of calls that they send armed uniformed officers racing to as a matter of policy. superintendent gary mccarthy let this cat out of the back during council hearings last spring asking about an outdated policy that has police responding to 70 percent of 911 calls, is that more than double a big city average.a stacked morea big city average.stat more than double the big city average. so what this does is to fold, first of its budget friendly, in fact it was in council hearings today on the new city budget but the latest details emerged overtime at the 911 center swelled after a spike in emergency calls which is where it became clear to the city that something had to be done this
declared a health hazard. it's one of the more unusual situations that the city of aurora has ever had to deal with almost 400 birds dead and alive or removed from home the cleanup is far from over. contractors hired by the city of aurora worked for seven hours today catching the birds and putting them into cages. by 2:00 p.m. they had rescued about 150 birds and by 5:00 p.m., all 325 birds were out workers say there were about 60 dead birds inside the home. this is a grave situation to find ourselves in the owner of the home david was here at the start today but then chose to leave well workers removed his birds the first and second floors were cleared first the biggest challenge was the lowest level of a home you mentioned that the basin was the most difficult area, why was that? >> just because it's an unfinished basements, it's open. the birds were in the holes in dry walls. a spokesperson says that she is optimistic they will be able to find homes for many of the birds. they look remarkably well, i just came from the shelter in villa park, we currently have approximately 60 bird
with us. an analysis at 9. this city battles with a 75 year parking meter contract that leaves the city woefully short mayor emanuel is looking for a creative way out. live with of the latest move being made. the latest moves being made. >> mayor ron emanuelemanuel once and audits of these, he wants to make sure the revenue collection matches the number of meters around the city $50 million. the mayor inherited a 75 year 1.1 $5 billion lead for the chicago parking meters that the city council okayed in 2008 under mayor daley. the mayor says he does have the power to look at the dollars and cents. it has always existed in the contract and it has never been exercised. they keep sending bills assuming that i will do the same old same old but i'm not i will not pay them until i get a complete audit of the books and understand what their expectations are into the premises behind that. some seem to think the more scrutiny, the better. why do we have to pay for it? i don't think it's right. >> the idea of having 75 year deals is pretty absurd so i think it's a good idea to look into it and s
is angry accusing city hall of leaking information about his choice to replace gov. thompson. in directly he pointed to our investigation as he questioned whether she is the best qualified to watch out for taxpayers. there were a lot of questions raised about an agreement and management in the past. i think we need to raise the quality of who is very and financial stewardship. a new state pension law that is now being challenged some union leaders are going to court tonight a series of stories exposed in january gov quinn signed into law a provision that made it clear that city workers on leaves of absences could not get to pensions. no double dipping, now the chicago teachers union say that is not fair their current leaders have yet to retire. they believed they would get pensions so they have gone to court. video poker is now a reality in illinois after three years of negotiating the state now allows the glass to video gambling. 70 establishments across the state are hooked up and ready to go. it's a race that could go to congress the debate between tamiwith tami duckworth up next. in
're amazing. an inspiration >> nearly a quarter billion dollars flows into the city's economy from this marathon weekend >> it is a city that is inviting... >> record-breaking... he won the race... a first for his country in chicago... >> it was really great to see the fans... hundreds of people volunteering... >> my friends ran strong... they beat their personal record >> cooler temps appreciated >> wind a little issue... >> cool run... >> the temperatures did help limit medical emergencies this year. however one runner suffered cardiac arrest near the end of the racier needed immediate care >>e and needed immediate care >> cpr was started... the individual was shot twicecked twice... >> nine other runners were taken to local hospitals for less severe medical problems. race officials say overall there were fewer medical problems at the than in years past. but they were prepared with more than 1300 medical volunteers on the course. the marathon director says it they will mail medals to about 1300 runners who finished the course seven hours after it started >> a trip to
terrible weather situation even worse. casinos are closed in atlantic city, new jersey. and this sign says it all: be kind to us sandy. the governor of maryland has also declared a state of emergency >> in maryland... >> we have been here all day and, this is certainly the worst of... rain pelting down... this is not the worse... we have about 24 hours to go until the worst comes... the waves are fierce. hide tide and how long the storm will last is the most concerning... >> where are you? >> balcony of oceanside hotel... a big tourist site... the pool is drained... all visitors were evacuated here. the conditions are getting worse... >> sandy maybe 1,000 mi. away from chicago but local weather watchers are already predicting we will feel some of her a fax. high winds and high waves on lake michigan plus canceled flights at the airport are just the beginning of what we will see locally >> anyone who uses it chicago's lakefront path will want to be extra careful in the days ahead. we will feel the impact of hurricane sandy. feeling it already with extremely high winds... giant waves
percentage of freshmen are on track for graduation we achieved the lowest one-year drop out rate in the city's history. we talked as recently this morning i said you have a lot to be proud of over the last 17 months and you can hold your head up high i could be no more aligned to the vision of this marriage and this board of education than i have been in any other port of my career as ceo of the chicago public schools my focus every single day will be on our children nothing more. her background has been in producing a very good collaborative relationships with other unions so to me that's a signal from city hall. after a short to but angry seven school day teachers' strike the chicago teachers union is also ready to bow of a different way maybe now to one of a better relationship with city hall? >> i hope so because it can't get any worse. observers acknowledge this situation that's been billed to us with time. it was the mayor's call into that was the end of it. the teachers' strike in evergreen park is over students will return to the class room monday teachers and school leaders finaliz
at 915 tomorrow morning at the parking lot in the city, they are going to conduct a ground search focusing on the forest preserves near her home. a house in aurora declared on fit for humans after piles of garbage in hundreds of birds alive and dead are found inside. good evening the owner of the home has not been identified because so far no criminal charges have been filed at this point he is looking at several code violations in the city of aurora there is a serious mess inside and they will not be able to clean up until tuesday next week. after obtaining a search warrant, a hazmat team entered the home around 1015 this morning or police and fire personnel were also on the scene finding hundreds of birds inside, dead and alive. the floors and walls were covered with bird droppings and garbage. the home was actually so full of junk and trash that it actually impedes any efforts to effectively remove the birds so it's a very challenging situation and there air samples had to be taken from inside the home to determine what kind of protection the cleanup crews will need before they
was very intoxicated the bartender is suing him into the city claiming that he and fellow cops try to cover up and down play the assault his attorney said that being in court is difficult. it's difficult for him to see her and i think it's difficult for him to see the video and although the video is constantly shown as anthony as an animal that committed this act he is a human being i think he made a huge mistake obviously he is no longer a police officer and was fired after being convicted of aggravated battery he also testified today that he can't remember the calls he made to friends or other officers the trial is expected to last two- three weeks cameras in the court room we have never seen it in illinois before broadcasting a trial live. they are making that possible last january. prosecutors alleging that the 21 year-old the demetrias jones was killed after a fist fight turned deadly. that's what the defendant did that afternoon aldi telling the hot august day last year when sanders lost his life his mother a sixth witness broken down. they told me he was dead. >> they paint him as
republican candidates. it stretches from chicago's western suburbs to two of illinois' largest cities, or write and joliet. foster finds himself in old and new territory there are new people to introduce yourself to and there are old friends. congresswoman bickered voted to privatize social security and replace medicare guaranteed benefits with a voucher costing sr. $6,400 every year. after 30 years in politics bigger is not on our side. >> politician bill faster and his company he laid off employees or right before christmas he profited and families suffered, it's a pattern last year the millionaire paid no income tax. >> both candidates find a way to rationalize their caustic messages that they are sponsoring. >> there is a distinction between false attack ads and the ones that are real distinctions over policy, so for example congresswoman bigger has voted for every single bush policy that drove us into debt and wrecked our economy, that's a distinction of policy. my point is really denigrating everything i have done for the district and the new district and the old district an
a kidnapping from her salt lake city home nearly ted years ago smart made her first trip to the chicago area now using her unintended fame to become a child protection advocate elisabeth smart will never forget what happened to her in june of 2002 but the soft-spoken young woman who recently got married carrey hope in her heart she is trying to bring that message to others like her while trying to help children stay safe. elisabeth smart wasn't going to let her kidnappers have power over her in the 10 years since that life changing event smart decided to use what she learned no matter how painful to help others. but she was taken by her home by a man and his wife held hostage for nine months and raped repeatedly. >> everybody thinks a different challenge is in their lives and we are our own mount everest and sometimes we just all feel like we have the strength to go on so part of where i speak is to encourage the people to continue moving forward. elisabeth smart was the keynote speaker at the healthy women's expo in lincolnshire but her message is geared more towards children, resisting a
. >> also, hope is fading in the case of a missing woman in calumet city after police tell searchers to go home. >> and later, why hundreds of protestors took to the streets of london this weekend. >> police sirens woke up residents of a south side neighborhood early this morning... but no one complained. >> wgn's maggie carlo explains why... >> this 'wake-up call' was a more work to be done. hi. we're spreading the word about honey bunches of oats fruit blends and their unique taste combinations. like peach/raspberry. with one flavor in the granola bunch and one on the flake. two flavors. in harmony. honey bunches of oats. make your day bunches better. ♪ ♪ what are you doing? who taught you how to do this stuff? uh. you! all right! i learned it by watching you! [ male announcer ] parents who skim, have kids who skim. kraft macaroni & cheese. you know you love it. mom. i'll call you when i get home. i wish you'd spend the night. i'll be fine mom. it's late. i know but i'll be fine. ok. love you. love you too mom. bye. [shifting gears] click ♪ ♪ ♪ mom? yeah? i th
several city blocks from 105th- 108 street and from stoney island to the railyards. those two football fields are filled with marijuana plants ready for harvest we are told to chicago cops literally stumbled upon this discovery earlier today tonight police are on the scene protecting their prime other technicians are photographed in the area videotaping what they can and inventorying all of the mayor won on the promises which by early estimates looks like 1000 plus plants. we found it, some of the plants are 10 ft. tall. these pictures show you exactly what chicago police found today two football fields filled with marijuana so plentiful. they are pretty big as big as christmas trees. it police chopper heading back to base the eyeball to this field and called it in cops by foot and on-air discovered this 1000 plus healthy potted plants growing in chicago a rare sight indeed that can only be seen from the air. very secluded, very difficult to see it again from anywhere but the air you cannot smell it from here but the smell is very intense once you are inside. the video from above doesn
the next recreational frontier of this city. >> there are portions of the chicago river wall that have already been built out but there are also vast stretches of the river that are vacant or without a sidewalk. residents who live along the river are pleased to hear about the revitalization. it's very exciting and i would welcome it. >> for me would be really nice to be able to get off of main street with the noise and cars. the plans for a continuous walkway include a spacious domes that artists conceptualize as being family friendly for boats restaurants and businesses. with the marina area city as a draw voters into kayakers will be able to enjoy a special area designated as a cold but over all future plans call for the length of the river area from like michigan to lake st. to become a bustling public activity fall along the river. smiling faces and joined the columbus day parade in chicago today politicians were on parade as well as italian american pride spectators say the crowd was a bit smaller this year possibly because many did not get the day off but many families did com
did a city only survey... 47 percent favored. there might be a belief that the economy is starting to improve ... it might not be selling well >> the wall street journal is reporting a new federal investigation of congressman jesse jackson jr. focuses on home furnishings. the report says feds r. began to whether he used campaign cash to pay for things at his house. >> 5 term u.s. senator of pennsylvania passed away this morning at the age of 82. he represented his state for 30 years. a moderate republican since 1965 he switched to the democratic party in 2009. he served as assistant counsel for the warren commission investigating the assassination of john f. kennedy. he had been battling cancer since the 1990's >> a record setting, and breath taking accomplishment. next, a skydive that started 24 miles above the surface of the earth. and a fall tradition in chicago. the ron santo walk to cure diabetes. and this year there were some familiar faces in the crowd. break [ female announcer ] with swiffer dusters a great clean doesn't have to take longer. i'm done. i'm gonna
city home where clark and chiodo lived. according to court records investigators discovered blood throughout the home. outside they found garbage cans filled with a blood stained rug and bath mat, a womans skirt, broken furniture and a plastic shower curtain covered in blood. evidence they used to charge clark with chiodos murder, even though the 41 year olds body hasnt been found. chiodo disappeared last weekend, and while clark told *investigators he hadnt seen her since a fight last sunday, he allegedly told his brother on the phone after his arrest that he woke up in bed to find chiodo in his arms covered in blood and he tried to give her mouth to mouth. the court records also say he discussed telling the police where the body was located as long as he could 'get a deal'. if anyone can do anything to have him tell us where he put her. we just want to get her back here. her family needs to have closure. we need to have closure. chiodos family members, who came to court sunday, didnt talk on camera but told wgn (full screen) 'we also ask the clark family to please help us fin
for a common goal to reduce the violence and strengthen city neighborhoods. the community activist group care is also part of the effort. their goal is to provide safe environments for school children and encourage education >> we need to provide safe neighborhoods >> the plan includes setting up after-school programs in high risk neighborhoods... providing mentoring and educational support. also creating three new centers to help high-school dropouts to return to school >> at that meeting today shortly after the mayor took the podium and incident disrupted his speech and stopped the news conference. county board commissioner who was standing among a group of people near the front of the room collapsed. people rushed to a side paramedics also came to his aid. no word on what caused his fault but he is said to be doing fine >> sometime later this evening or during the early morning hours of the space shuttle endeavor will arrive at its final resting place after a very slow journey on the streets of l.a.. the spacecraft has been going along at 2 mi. per hour after traveling in space at 17,0
is probably six weeks away, that is a tough break. world preseason continues tonight when of city comes. there is still a lot to figure out. one thing that he doesn't have to think about is tosh gibson who has been the best player. he is crucial to the bull's success even the new guys can see that. >> >> also today charles barkley in town for espn launch of the legends. he is a legend. today sir charles waited on the bulls' chances without a healthy derrick rose. >> they have to look at the big picture, first of all they will not be a championship contender this year they have a terrific coach, they played great defense they have great energy, but that will not be better than lebraun james . you have to start building for his future. national league championship series winner to the world series and it looks like that is going to be the san francisco giants they scored seven in the first three innings against the cardinals. a quick gulf note, it looks like mcelroy will sign one of those endorsement contracts with the nike, $250 million over 10 years. way more money off the golf cou
. mandatory evacuation's of four atlantic city casinos by 4:00 p.m. sunday. >> we have to be prepared for the worst. this storm is forecasted to be slow moving >> it could turn into a super storm. heavy flooding... fierce winds... power outages... damages expected in the billions... >> you are stuck >> sandbagging... in anticipation... >> we want to make sure we are prepared >> other residents are stocking up on generators, flashlights... >> both presidential candidates have had to change campaign stops on the east coast >> chicagoans are already feeling the effects of hurricane sandy >> things aren't bad right now... many passengers had to make last-minute adjustments to their travel plans >> airlines are preparing for serious cancellations. >> many changed their flights >> i was supposed to come home tomorrow... >> she flew in from washington d.c. this afternoon >> they are preparing for and taking it seriously >> panthers fans flew in today for game against the bears >> we are here >> 600 workers are heading to the east coast to help out with the future damage >> al
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